Children and flowers

Just so you know I haven't disappeared from the planet.

I have merely taken a bit of time off for the children - looking after them and trying to put everything into wedding flowers was proving too difficult to do. I have this habit of not achieving anything else in the two days running up to a wedding, apart from the flowers and all the preparation and logistics that go with them.  This is not good for the kids - who are actually very good at occupying themselves, but they haven't learnt how to make their own dinner or change their nappies yet.  And my husband was also getting a bit fed up with flowers all over the kitchen, and none of the chores being done.

The problem is I love doing flowers so much that its almost addictive and I find it so difficult to say 'no' to people, and when I do have a job to do, I am 100% immersed in it.  So I think once the kids are at school it'll be much easier for me to divide up my time and not pretend that it is a 'paid hobby' which I can fit in between the rest of my life. 

So watch this space, and I'll be reinvigorating this website when I'm getting ready to create again on a more 'serious' basis!

Alex x


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